What Are Some Different Types of Oranges?

Some different types of oranges are valencia oranges, navel oranges, moro or blood oranges, and temple oranges. Oranges are a sweet-tasting citrus fruit and are commonly used for juicing or eating out-of-hand as a snack. They are also used for flavoring foods, and essential oils from the peel are used in perfume production.

Valencia oranges are juicy and aromatic. They have a thin, smooth skin, and its color varies from yellow to orange with some green areas. Navel oranges are large, seedless and flavorful, with skins that are easy to peel and break apart. For these reasons, navel oranges are a popular variety to eat out-of-hand. Moro oranges, which are also called blood oranges, have a bright red or maroon interior. They have an intense flavor and can be cooked in sweet or savory recipes. Temple oranges do not have many seeds and are also easy to peel and divide. They are juicy with a sweet, rich taste.

The commercial production of orange juice and orange juice concentrate is a large industry. Orange juice powder is another commercial use of oranges. The powder is used to enhance the flavor and color of baked goods and to boost nutrition in commercial food production.