What Are Some Different Types of Mushrooms?


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Some common mushroom types include portobello, oyster, hen of the wood, shiitake, crimino, white button, chanterelle and porcino. While all mushrooms are high in vitamins and fiber, each variety has distinct flavor characteristics, textures, nutritional profiles and availability.

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What Are Some Different Types of Mushrooms?
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Portobello mushrooms are a great substitute for meat and are good for grilling. Oyster mushrooms are common in Chinese and Japanese cooking and have a delicate flavor. Hen of the wood, also called maitake mushrooms, have an earthy aroma and are native to Japan and the Northwestern United States. Shiitake, which are native to Japan, derive their name from the Japanese for "oak fungus."

Crimino mushrooms are young portobellos. White button mushrooms have a more delicate flavor than other mushrooms. Chanterelle mushrooms are very difficult to cultivate and must be foraged in the wild. Porcino mushrooms are popular in Italy and France, and they are valued for their aromatic flavor.

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