What Are Some Different Types of Margarine?


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Margarine comes in several varieties, including stick margarine, tub spreads and sprays. Some manufacturers also offer margarine products that contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients, such as plant stanols and sterols.

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Stick margarine has a texture similar to dairy butter. It is the best type of margarine for baked goods, according to MissouriFamilies.org. Tub margarine, which contains less trans fat, is not ideal for baking because it reduces rising; however, this type of margarine is popular for stovetop cooking and spreading. Some tub margarine manufacturers also offer reduced and fat-free options.

Brands such as Promise and Parkay produce margarines that promote low cholesterol levels. This type of margarine has a high water content, which gives it a spreadable texture but alters the consistency of baked goods. Spray margarine is a reduced-fat liquid product for topping and sautéing. It is also an excellent nonstick spray for baking pans, according to Betty Crocker.

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