What Are the Different Types of Lettuce?


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There are hundreds of different types of lettuce, including iceberg, Boston butterhead, Bibb butterhead and green leaf lettuce. The type of lettuce used in cooking depends if it is to be used for a salad, sandwich or side dish.

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What Are the Different Types of Lettuce?
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Some of the different types of lettuce include:

  • Iceberg lettuce is crisp and firm, and when stored correctly it can last as long as two weeks in a fridge. It is typically used as an accompaniment alongside other food, such as steak.
  • Boston butterhead features soft leaves that bruise easily. It is possible to use it to cup other types of food, such as shrimp.
  • Bibb butterhead is also soft and ideal for cupping food. Although it has a sweet and distinctive taste, it usually costs twice as much as iceberg lettuce.
  • Green leaf lettuce rests on a single stalk, and wilts easily. To avoid having it wilt too quickly, wait until serving it to add dressing.
  • Oak leaf lettuce is similar to green leaf lettuce in the respect that it comes from a single stalk and wilts easily. It has a spicier taste than green leaf.
  • Romaine lettuce is one of the few types that tastes good when cooked. Lightly grilling it and covering it with olive oil is a great way to enjoy a healthy snack.
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