What Are the Different Types of Grapes?


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Different types of grapes include pinot noir, muscadine, Thompson, sauvignon blanc and champagne grapes. Other types of grapes are chardonnay, catawba, concord and merlot. Many of these grapes are used in wines, either singly or blended, and they are also eaten raw.

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Pinot noir is a purple grape that originated in Burgundy and the Cote d'or. It is considered one of the world's best red wine grapes. The skin gives the wine its color, and when this grape is used in champagne, the skin is removed before fermentation.

Champagne grapes are tiny, black grapes that are actually not used to make champagne. When they are dried, they're not called raisins but Zante currants. Concord grapes are the familiar purple-black grapes famous for making excellent jams and jellies. Muscadine grapes turn a bronze-green color when they're ripe, and are also used for jellies and jams.

Thompson grapes are the familiar pale green, crunchy, sweet, table grapes. Chardonnay grapes, which give their name to a white wine, are also green. They are also used to make white Burgundy and champagne. Though they originate in France, they have found great success in Northern California.

Catawba is an American grape that is used in the famous sparkling catawba wine of Ohio. It's also used for juices, jams and jellies.

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