What Are Some Different Types of Fruits?

Some different types of fruits include avocados, chayotes, tomatillos and rambutans. Avocados are the fruit of a tree that grows in warm climates. Indeed, the avocado is specifically a berry, even though it is often used as a vegetable.

The chayote is the fruit of a type of squash plant. It is pale green, pear-shaped and has an edible seed. It is eaten raw or cooked. Chayote does not have a strong flavor but tends to absorb the flavors of the other ingredients it is cooked with. Not only the fruit, but the flowers and root of the chayote plant are edible.

The rambutan is the fruit of a tree that is native to Southeast Asia and is now found in many parts of the tropics. The rambutan is covered in a spiny, reddish skin and grows in clusters. The edible part is the aril. It is pale and has a sweetness reminiscent of grapes. The seeds are also edible.

Tomatillos resemble tomatoes. Though they are often used when they are green, they ripen to be purple, red or yellow. They grow wrapped in a papery husk. Like tomatoes, tomatillos are members of the nightshade family and are eaten raw or cooked. They are often used to make salsa verde.