What Are Some Different Types of Chocolate?


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Common types of chocolate include dark, bittersweet, unsweetened and semi-sweet. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are also commonly available and most often are sold as read-to-eat confections.

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Dark chocolate contains between 30 and 80 percent pure cocoa and is also sold as a confection. Unsweetened chocolate, used in cooking and baking, is made from 100 percent cocoa liquor. Its bitterness makes it unsuitable for eating without adding other ingredients. Bittersweet chocolate, also used as an ingredient, contains between 35 and 80 percent chocolate liquor and some sugar.

Semi-sweet chocolate, used to make chocolate chips, contains 35 percent chocolate solids and varies in sweetness. Milk chocolate typically contains around 10 percent chocolate liquor, the least amount of chocolate among the different types of chocolate. White chocolate, made from cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar, contains no cocoa at all.

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