What Are Some Different Types of Candy Dispensers?


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Some different types of candy dispensers are large commercial vending machines, gumball machines, and novelty candy dispensers. A couple of specific novelty candy dispensers are candy dispensing pens and reindeer that poop jelly beans.

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Large commercial vending machines can dispense bigger wrapped packages of candy, while smaller gumball machine style dispensers dispense smaller, often unwrapped candy. Novelty dispensers come in a variety of styles. Pez dispensers are novelty candy dispensers that feature a plastic tube to fill with candy topped with a decorative head that pulls back to release the candies one at a time. Another novelty candy dispenser is a small plastic reindeer that poops jelly beans. A third type of novelty candy dispenser is a pen that dispenses small candies. Other novelty candy dispensers shaped like toilets dispense a sweet and sour powder that is picked up using a lollipop toilet plunger.

Another type of candy dispenser is the type that doubles as a bank. Money is inserted in exchange for candy, and the money is saved inside the bank portion of the dispenser. Some of these bank candy dispensers are classic gumball machine style, while others come in shapes such as footballs or basketballs. These candy dispensers can be made of glass and metal or of plastic. This style of candy dispenser can dispense a variety of small wrapped or unwrapped candies.

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