What Are Some Different Kinds of Meats?

There are many different kinds of meat including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bison, turkey, venison, rabbit, quail, goose, cornish game hen, pheasant and duck. There are also many different kinds of exotic meats available, which are popular in many countries outside of the United States, such as goat, moose, opossum, snake, horse, ostrich, squirrel and kangaroo.

A simple definition of the term "meat" is a cut taken from the flesh of an animal, most often a mammal, which is consumed as food. The different cuts of meat have different names, depending on the animal, and are designated by primal and subprimal cuts. For example, on a cow, the loin is a primal cut, and the short loin, sirloin and tenderloin are subprimal cuts.