What Are Some of the Different Kinds of Donuts?


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Some of the most popular types of donuts include cake donuts, raised donuts, filled donuts, donut holes and donuts shaped into bars and twists. Cinnamon rolls are often considered donuts due to their similarity to common types of donuts.

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Variety in donuts most often comes from how flavors, textures and colors are combined to create a unique donut. Creative use of ingredients and decoration is mainly responsible for such a wide range of donuts offered to fans of this tasty treat. Cake donuts usually have a dense texture and round shape with a hole in the middle. Cake donuts can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, glazed with sugar or covered with icing and various toppings, such as sprinkles. Raised donuts have a light texture and are decorated similarly to cake donuts.

Filled donuts are a mainstay in most donut shops and have a solid round shape with filling in the middle; popular fillings are jelly and custard. The outsides of filled donuts are usually plain, sprinkled with sugar or covered in frosting. Donut holes are miniature round cake donuts made in the same flavors as larger donuts. Many donut shops make their own kind of gourmet donuts that have unique flavor combinations. Gourmet donut flavors can include bacon, cheese, fresh fruit and even hot sauce.

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