What Are Some Different Flavors of Campbell's Soup?

What Are Some Different Flavors of Campbell's Soup?

Some classic Campbell’s soup varieties include chicken noodle, chicken alphabet soup, chicken and stars, and vegetable beef. Tomato, broccoli and cheese, cream of potato, cream of chicken, and cream of beef are others.

Campbell’s Chunky soup line offers home-style soup with chunky ingredients. Some popular Chunky soup varieties include beef with country vegetables, grilled chicken and sausage gumbo, chicken corn chowder, split pea and ham, and sirloin burger with country vegetables. New England clam chowder, roasted chicken and vegetables, and savory vegetables are others.

Campbell’s Healthy Requests line features many of Campbell’s classic flavors in lower-sodium and lower-calorie versions. Some options include old-fashioned vegetable beef, chicken noodle and tomato.

Campbell’s Reserve soup line options feature bags of ingredients that let home cooks make fresh soup on the stove. Some options include chicken and Andouille sausage, loaded baked potato with Applewood bacon, chicken and dumpling, and Santa-Fe-style chicken enchilada, as of 2015.

Campbell’s Fresh Brewed soup line comes in Southwest-style chicken broth and noodle soup mix with roasted corn and homestyle chicken broth and noodle soup. This soup brews fresh in a Keurig coffee brewing system. Other Campbell’s lines include Go Soups, Homestyle, Organic, Slow Kettle and Soup On the Go. Each is available in a variety of different flavor options.