What Are Some Different Brands of Potato Chips?

Ruffles, Lay's, Utz, Cape Cod and Pringles are some popular national brands of potato chips, while Ballreich's, Zapp's, Dieffenbach's and Great Lakes Potato Chip Company are some regionally recognized brands. Ruffles and Lay's are both brands from the Frito-Lay family of products, while Utz chips are manufactured by the largest privately held snack food company in the United States, Utz Quality Foods in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Cape Cod chips are a product of Charlotte-based Snyder's-Lance, and Kellogg owns the Pringles brand.

The Ballreich family began making potato chips in 1920 in their Tiffin, Ohio, garage. In 2015, the company is still family owned and operated, and Ballreich's is the official chip of various Ohio sports teams. Zapp's is a Louisiana-based potato chip company that began in 1985 and became a subsidiary of Utz Quality Snacks in 2011. The kettle-fried chips feature assorted Cajun-inspired seasonings, such as sweet Creole onion and Cajun dill. As of 2015, Zapp's chips are manufactured in the original Louisiana factory and distributed by Utz.

The Dieffenbach family made their first hand-cooked kettle chips in 1964 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The company operates a factory outlet store in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. Great Lakes Potato Chip Company produces kettle-cooked potato chips in Traverse City, Michigan. The family-run brand uses locally sourced potatoes to make thick skin-on chips in various flavors. All four of these local potato chip brands sell their products online.