What Is the Difference Between a Satsuma and a Clementine?

difference-between-satsuma-clementine Credit: Alexey Kopytko/Moment/Getty Images

The main difference between a satsuma and a clementine is that a satsuma has a loose peel, while a clementine has a tight peel. Both are seedless and are often sold as each other.

Satsumas are a type of small mandarin orange. Their loose skin makes them easy to peel but can make choosing unbruised fruit difficult. In the United States, most satsumas are grown in California. They are a hardy fruit and can be also grown in the Gulf Coast area. The satsuma season is from November to January.

Clementines are small oranges. They have a sweet flavor that is similar to the tangerine. In the United States, they are often called "Sweeties" or "Cuties." Clementines can be used as edible centerpieces for holiday dinners. The clementine season is around October to February.