What Is the Difference Between a Ribeye Steak and a Rib Steak?

The difference between a ribeye steak and a rib steak is that the ribeye is boneless and the rib steak, which is sometimes also called a bone-in ribeye or Delmonico steak, is not boneless. Other than that, both ribeye steak and rib steak are taken from the same cut of the beef and taste just the same.

Both the ribeye steak and the rib steak are derived from the top of the rib from the steer's primal portion. Most generally, butchers take these cuts from ribs six through 12, which is sometimes also referred to as the prime rib section. This section is also used for rib roasts, but when the bone sections are sliced, the cut is known as bone-in rib steak.When the rib bone is removed, leaving just the center section of the rib steak, it becomes known as the eye of the rib or ribeye.

Ribeye is generally tender and flavorful with attractive fat marbling that makes it a favorite for grilling and roasting. It is one of the beefiest and richest cuts available. Some steakhouses call the rib steak or bone-in ribeye a cowboy ribeye or a cowboy cut. Other names for this popular cut of beef include market steak, Spencer steak, beauty steak and Scotch filet.