What Is the Difference Between Pan Pizza Crust & Deep Dish Pizza Crust?

difference-between-pan-pizza-crust-deep-dish-pizza-crust Credit: Eric Chan/CC-BY 2.0

Some differences between pan pizza crusts and deep dish pizza crusts are in the dry ingredients, dough rising method and baking time. Another difference in these two pizza types is the order placement of the ingredients.

While the dry ingredients for a pan pizza crust are bread flour and powdered milk, a deep dish pizza has all-purpose flour and semolina. The rising time of the different doughs is also different. For a deep dish pizza, the dough rises first and then is placed in the pan and rolled out. The dough for a pan pizza crust is rolled out first, put in the pan and then is left to rise.

The baking time is shorter for a pan pizza crust, which is about 15 to 20 minutes. The final difference in pizza types is the order in which ingredients are placed on the pizza. In a deep dish pizza, the cheese is placed on the dough before the tomato sauce.