What Is the Difference Between Freezer Paper and Wax Paper?

difference-between-freezer-paper-wax-paper Credit: Lauri Patterson/E+/Getty Images

The difference between freezer paper and wax paper is that wax paper has a thin paraffin coating that freezer paper does not have. This coating makes wax paper useful for a variety of culinary applications involving liquids and sticky ingredients that ruin ordinary freezer paper. Wax paper is also a popular item for several craft applications.

Thanks to its paraffin coating, wax paper repels water and does not stick to gummy ingredients. Popular uses for wax paper include lining cake pans and cookie sheets, forming collars around soufflé molds and keeping stacked cookies from sticking to one another. It also creates a non-stick surface useful for rolling dough.

Freezer paper is similar to wax paper in appearance and weight. However, it lacks the slick paraffin coating of wax paper. The primary purpose of freezer paper is to keep moisture away from frozen foods. It is an excellent insulator that simultaneously prevents frozen food from dehydrating and developing freezer burn.

Wax paper's hydrophobic coating and substantial weight make it useful for crafters. It is easy to cut with scissors and makes excellent templates and reusable stencils. After each use, most inks and dyes easily wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. Wax paper is also a popular construction material for luminaries and other types of craft lanterns.