What Is the Difference Between Coconut Oil and Palm Oil?

The most noticeable difference between coconut and palm oil is found in the color. Virgin coconut oil will be a pure white while virgin palm oil will be a deep orange-red. This color difference is due to the increased amount of carotene found in palm oil. In terms of origin, coconut oil comes from the seed of the coconut palm while palm oil comes from the fleshy fruit of the oil palm.

Coconut and palm oils are very different from one another in chemical composition, appearance, character and even their effects on health. The differences in their compositions make the two oils behave differently, particularly when used in cooking.

Although these two oils are different, they are also similar in some ways. They both contain a high percentage of saturated fat that makes them highly resistant to oxidation and very useful as cooking oils. They both have high melting points, which causes them to be solid at room temperature. Both oils can be referred to as tropical oils because both are products of palm trees. Both oils offer various health benefits as well. While coconut oil is renowned for its healing properties, the primary health benefits of palm oil are due to its high nutritional content.