What Is the Difference Between Brown and White Rice?

difference-between-brown-white-rice Credit: FotografiaBasica/E+/Getty Images

The difference between brown rice and white rice is that brown rice retains its natural components of bran, fiber and germ, while these components have been milled away in white rice. Bran, fiber and germ contain many of rice's nutrients and essential oils.

In comparison to white rice, brown rice has twice the amount of manganese, 2.5 times the vitamin B3, four times the vitamin B1 and 10 times the amount of vitamin B6. According to the USDA, rice bran lowers cholesterol in animals as much as oat bran. Brown rice is the only form of the grain that contains vitamin E. Cancer rates are 50 times lower in people not using corn, wheat or polished (white) rice.