Does Diet Sunkist Have Caffeine?


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Diet Sunkist does contain caffeine. According to the manufacturer of Sunkist, 8 fluid ounces of the drink contain 27 milligrams of caffeine. A 20-ounce bottle contains 68 milligrams of caffeine.

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Even though the orange-flavored Sunkist is not a cola, it still contains caffeine. As of April 2014, the Sunkist line of soft drinks is available in pineapple, peach, lemonade, fruit punch, cherry limeade, strawberry, orange and grape. Orange is available in regular, diet and 10-calorie versions. Lemonade is available in regular and diet. The non-diet varieties that do not contain any caffeine are grape, strawberry, cherry limeade, pineapple and peach. All diet flavors contain caffeine.

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