What Did the Penobscot Indians Eat?

The Penobscot Indians hunted for things such as moose and deer, caught fish for food, planted beans and corn and ate wild berries. Along with these foods, these Indians also made maple syrup.

The Penobscot tribes used bows and arrows, heavy wooden clubs and fishing nets to catch their food. The men were in charge of hunting and fishing while the women had the responsibility of gathering, farming and cooking the food the men and boys brought home. The tribes tended to stay in one place and lived in wigwams, using various forms of transportation such as canoes and sleds to get around during the different seasons, helping them find food even in cold weather.

Corn was one of the Penobscot's most vital foods. If the tribes couldn't grow corn, they would trade for it because it was a staple of their diet. When the men hunted, the Penobscots believed in wasting little or none of the animal parts. They ate the meat and used the skin of the animals to make things such as moccasins or other clothing, and used the animal's bones to make weapons and tools.

Other foods the tribes ate included eggs, honey, roots and greens. The women cooked the food without many spices and often roasted the meat over an open fire.