What Did the Miwok Tribe Eat?

The people of the Miwok tribe ate almost any animals they could catch. The only animals they did not eat were bears and skunks.

Male Miwok tribe members hunted for deer, geese, rabbits and elk. They would spend days preparing to go out in search of food. In the days prior to the hunt, the tribe would gather around a fire and pray while fixing their hunting equipment. The women were not allowed in the building that housed the fire. They used nets, bows and arrows, knives, clubs and spears to catch their prey.

The tribe also fished for food. They would use nets, spears and baskets to catch the fish. They made small boats and would fish off the shore or from the boat. The tribe would throw soap root in the water to paralyze the fish and then scoop them up.

After the animals were caught, they were roasted. The tribe would season the meat with seaweed or saltwater and place it over an open fire. The members would then pray over the animal in order for it to be reborn. They were not wasteful people and made sure every part of the animal was used for something. They only went hunting when the food was needed.