Where Did the Dish Succotash Originate?

did-dish-succotash-originate Credit: kae71463/CC-BY-2.0

Succotash is a dish that is believed to have evolved from misckquatash, which in the Naragansett language of the Algonquin Indians means broken kernels of corn or boiled whole kernels of corn, depending on the translation. Succotash dates back to at least 1751 and likely would have been a staple given the crops available in the area of Rhode Island that the Algonquin called home.

Succotash is primarily made using corn with the addition of lima beans and occasionally other vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers. The relative affordability of the ingredients made this dish a popular addition to Depression-era dinner tables across the United States. Succotash is still a Thanksgiving staple throughout New England as well as in the American South, where the dish has evolved to mean a mostly vegetable side dish containing lima beans and plenty of butter or lard.