What Is a Diagram for Butchering a Deer?


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A diagram for butchering deer visually outlines the different areas of the deer for processing, such as the loin, steaks and other cuts. A butchering diagram also provides the most efficient manner in which to process an animal for the highest yield of usable meat.

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A deer-butchering diagram shows where each individual cut of meat is located on the animal, and also to what styles of cooking the cut is best suited. The animal is divided up into sections that start with the neck, shoulder and loin. Next are the rump, legs and shanks, while the underside of the animal is comprised of the flank, ribs and brisket. The diagram also shows the best method for harvesting the most meat from the animal and is a guide for where and how to make the physical cuts.

Steaks tend to come from the legs and loin areas, while sections such as the neck, flank and shanks - the section of the leg below the knee joint and above the hoof - are typically used in stews, jerky, ground meats or soups. Roasts and chops most often come from the shoulder area and rump. The loin is one of the most versatile cuts and is used for steaks, roasts, chops and fillets.

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