How Do You Determine If Solid Chocolate Bunnies Are a Better Value Than Hollow?


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Based on cost alone, hollow bunnies are a better value than solid bunnies because they are more cheaply produced than solid bunnies. The vice-president of R.M. Palmer, one of the largest producer of chocolate Easter bunnies, reports hollow bunny sales are up due to the cheaper cost, according to the online Smithsonian Magazine. The company makes 25 million hollow bunnies each year.

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In order to measure the cumulative value of a chocolate Easter bunny, criteria is based on the cost per ounce of chocolate, the presentation or packaging and the overall taste, all characteristics that can vary depending on the type of chocolate used: white, milk or dark; the presentation: the character, decoration and detail of the bunny, and taste: the texture and qualityof the chocolate. While hollow bunnies may be cheaper than solid, 66 percent of Americans prefer solid bunnies, according to the New York Post. Epicurious, the popular onlinefood website, taste tested eight different store brands of chocolate bunnies, both hollow and solid. The top pick for the best-tasting chocolate Easter bunny was the Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny. Lindt has been producing the iconic chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil since 1952 and trademarked its bunny shape in 2001.

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