What Are Some Desserts That Can Be Made With Phyllo Dough?


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Baklava and apple strudel are two common applications of phyllo dough with desserts. Another increasingly common usage of phyllo dough is to use the delicate layers of dough and make a purse encapsulating different fruits, nuts or chocolate fillings.

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What Are Some Desserts That Can Be Made With Phyllo Dough?
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Baklava is a traditional Mediterranean dessert that layers pistachio, walnuts or almonds with phyllo dough and is saturated in a sweet honey sauce that is traditionally flavored with rosewater. Make sure to cut the baklava before baking because the dough is very fragile once it is cooked. While the dessert is still hot, pour the sweet honey sauce over the dough to let the flavor seep into all layers. Baklava is best after it has settled for a while, so make it a head of time, and let it sit covered for up to five days.

A popular German dessert is apple strudel. Traditionally, it made with thinly rolled, unleavened bread, which wraps around a fruit filling. This is very time consuming to achieve, so a delicious shortcut is to use thin and buttery phyllo dough. An apple filling can have many ingredients, but the most common are walnuts, almonds or raisins with brown sugar and cinnamon. The result is a flaky pastry that took less effort with all of the enjoyment.

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