What Are Some Delicious Snacks That Are Safe for Diabetics?

What Are Some Delicious Snacks That Are Safe for Diabetics?

Diabetics can enjoy delicious snacks such as almonds, blueberries, light popcorn, peanut butter and hummus. The American Diabetes Association website is a great resource for regulating portion sizes to help control blood glucose levels and avoid weight gain.

The Glycemic Index, or GI, measures how much a food raises blood glucose levels. The lower the Index number, the better for overall health. A high GI food can be countered with a low GI food at mealtime, but the American Diabetes Association recommends avoiding high Glycemic Index foods when snacking.

Fresh fruit is a great sweet snack. Dried fruits and fruits in juice or light syrup are acceptable, but the portion sizes are smaller and often unsatisfying.

Garbanzo beans, the main ingredient in hummus, have an index rating of 28, falling into the low Glycemic Index category. Eat hummus with carrots for a safe savory snack.

When made from scratch, popcorn is a great snack as it is high in fiber and does not contain the additives and artificial flavorings found in prepackaged microwavable popcorn. Pour one tablespoon of oil into a medium-sized pot, and add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels, spreading them evenly across the bottom of the pan. Cover the pot, heating at a medium temperature and shaking the pot back and forth until all the kernels have popped. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and empty into a large bowl to cool before eating.