What Deer Parts Are on a Deer Meat Cut Diagram?

A deer meat cut diagram displays the portions along the animal's bottom side, which include, from front to back, the shank, brisket, ribs, flank and round. Portions along the deer's sides and top are also displayed. From front to back, they include the neck, shoulder, loin and rump. The loin is subdivided into chops and sirloin.

The shank and ribs are typically used to make a roast, while the brisket is ideal for stew. The round part is cut to make steaks, and the flank can be ground or used in stew. The neck is also used in stew or ground up, while the shoulder is cut to make a roast or steak. Ribs are used in stews and roasts, and the loin makes chops or sirloin. The deer's rump is usually cut to make a roast.

Deer meat cut diagrams divide the body of the deer into various portions according to their location, but any of the cuts can be used to make sausage, jerky or snack sticks. Either a hand-powered or electric stuffer and grinder are required to make sausage and snack sticks. Fibrous casings are used to make sausage, and collagen casings are used to make snack sticks. Another option is to use hog casings to make deer bratwurst.