What Are Some Decorating Ideas for a Puppy Dog-Themed Birthday Cake?


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Using frosting to create paw prints as a border around the cake and utilizing black licorice to make dog bones are some ideas for a puppy dog-themed birthday cake. Another possibility is to use bubblegum and frosting to design puppy dog faces.

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To create a cake using cupcakes, bakers can use 16 brown-frosted cupcakes to create a dog's ears, five yellow-frosted cupcakes to create the face and three light brown-frosted cupcakes for the muzzle. Whiskers, eyes and a nose can be crafted with black and white fondant.

Another option is to decorate the entire cake in the shape of a puppy dog. Beige fondant can be used to cover the base with pink fondant for the tongue, black fondant as the eyes and brown fondant drooping over the edges to create dog ears.

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