How Do You Decant Wine Properly?

How Do You Decant Wine Properly?

To properly decant wine, first sit the wine bottle upright for at least 24 hours to allow the sediment to settle. Remove the cork, and arrange a flashlight or candle to shine on the bottle neck as you slowly pour the wine into the decanter. Stop pouring immediately when the sediment reaches the neck of the bottle, and serve the wine from the decanter.

  1. Stand the wine bottle upright

    If the wine you wish to decant has been laying on its side, stand it upright for 24 hours or more to allow all the sediment to settle to the bottom. This makes it easier to separate.

  2. Open the wine

    Remove the cork from the wine bottle carefully to avoid stirring up the sediment. Wipe the bottle neck and rim clean with a plain, dry cloth.

  3. Set up the decanter and light source

    Place the clean decanter on a flat, stable surface or in a decanter cradle to help keep it steady. Place a flashlight or candle next to the decanter so that the light hits the neck of the bottle as you pour, making the sediment easily visible.

  4. Pour the wine

    Slowly pour the wine from the bottle and into the decanter in a slow, steady stream. As soon as the sediment reaches the neck of the bottle or the stream of wine starts to look cloudy, stop pouring. Serve the wine directly from the decanter.