How Do You Debone a Whole Chicken?


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A common method of deboning a chicken involves separating and cutting the joints, separating the meat from the bones, popping out the wing and leg joints, and removing the meat from the keel. Search for extra bone remnants at the end of the deboning process.

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Debone a chicken breast side down using a clean, sharp knife. Begin by cutting along the spine, then carefully remove the meat from the rib cage moving down from the back towards the breast. Work around the wishbone for optimum results. Remove the wing and leg joints by bending and twisting them until they pop out, then cut through the gap between the bones and their sockets. Avoid cutting through the skin here.

Cut and separate the meat from the bones, leaving the keel for later. Repeat the entire process on the other side of the bird, then remove the skin from the keel by lifting up the rib cage. Feel around the surface of the chicken to look for any small pieces of bone or cartilage that may have been left behind. Deboning the legs is optional but can be done by cutting the meat away from the top of the thigh bone and popping the joint between the leg bones. End by slicing through the cartilage and removing the bone.

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