Is the Daniel Fast Food List Suitable for Vegans?


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The Daniel Fast food list contains only plant-based foods, making it a suitable fast for vegans. The fast consists of vegetables, grains, fruits and water and eliminates meat, dairy and animal by-product items.

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Is the Daniel Fast Food List Suitable for Vegans?
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The Daniel Fast is based on the bible, where Daniel fasted for 3 weeks. The food list specifically states what should be included in the fast and what should be avoided.

The Daniel Fast includes whole grains, such as quinoa, barley and brown rice; nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds and cashews; legumes, including pinto beans, split peas and black beans; and quality oils, such as olive oil, sesame oil and grape seed oil. The Daniel Fast food list also includes tofu and soy-based products as well as spices, herbs and seasonings. The only beverage approved on the Daniel Fast food list is spring water or other purified water.

The Daniel Fast also requires people to avoid all refined or processed foods, including anything that has artificial sweeteners, additives or flavorings; all deep-fried foods; solid fats, including shortening and margarine; all sweeteners, such as honey, sugar, syrup, canned juices and molasses; and any baked goods containing the sweetening ingredients.

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