What Are the Dangers of Eating Junk Food?

People who consume too much junk food face an increased risk of tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain, warns SFGate. A big contributor to the danger stems from the large amount of sodium and fat typically found in junk food.

Tooth decay is more prominent when people consume junk food, SFGate says. The sugar in sweet beverages and soda contributes to the production of acid that can ruin teeth enamel. Weight gain is another danger of consuming too much junk food. This happens due to the high fat content and calories. Eating too many sweets and drinking sweet drinks adds excess calories due to the high sugar content, and the added calories cause people to gain weight.

Eating junk food also contributes to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Junk food has a high fat content that clogs arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, SFGate explains. Junk food contains a high amount of sodium and this raises blood pressure. Consumers should choose healthy fast foods and avoid deep-friend food and fatty fries. Visiting the website of fast food restaurants before visiting can help a person make better choices if they must eat at a fast food restaurant.