What Are Some Dangers of Diet Soda?


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Diet soda is known to cause migraines, insomnia and anxiety, according to Prevention. It can increase fat storage and the risk of diabetes. Kidney function is also lessened by diet soda consumption, and incidents of binge eating often occur. Drinking diet soda is linked to lower bone mineral density, which increases the risk of bone fractures. Consuming diet soda can also cause weight gain and decreases the taste of foods.

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The chemicals in diet soda, particularly aspartame, can altar the brain's chemistry and misinterpret signals from nerves to cause migraines, anxiety and trouble sleeping. Those who quit drinking diet soda find that their headaches are relieved and they feel as if they are thinking clearly again.

Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas morph the brain's sweet taste receptors. This causes the soda drinker to crave sugary snacks and leads to poor food choices and, ultimately, weight gain. After quitting diet soda, sugar cravings are lessened. Taste buds morph back to their natural state, and sensible snacks such as fruits or vegetables begin to satisfy cravings.

While scientists have not determined the exact link between diet soda and decreased bone mineral density, studies have shown that daily diet sodas increased incidents of hip fractures by 14 percent in postmenopausal women. Switching to a beverage that includes calcium, along with regular exercise, can help rebuild bone density.

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