What Dangers Are Associated With Stevia Sweetener Product Ingredients?


Dangers associated with the ingredients of Stevia sweetener pertain to reduced fertility and reproductive toxicity. Stevia ingredients could also cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, lead to cancerous mutations and reduce carbohydrate absorption. Additionally, they can cause dizziness, muscle pains, nausea, gas and bloating, states SteviaCafe.net.

The ingredients of stevia sweetener, namely stevioside and rebaudioside reduce fertility and the number of offspring as shown in animal studies, reports Regev Elya. Additionally, chronic consumption of stevioside adversely affects male reproductive organs by reducing sperm production, weight of seminal vesicles and by increasing cell proliferation in the testicles. All these lead to infertility in males, explains SteviaCafe.net.

Stevioside also hinders the absorption of carbohydrates thus, disrupting the production of energy in cells. This danger is of particular concern in children who consume stevia. Steviol, the alcohol form of stevia converts to a mutagenic compound which increases the risk of cancer in those who consume stevia regularly, says SteviaCafe.net.

In sensitive individuals, stevia ingredients could cause allergic reactions such as atopic eczema and even lead to anaphylactic shock, says Regev Elya. Stevia ingredients could also lead to dizziness, gas, bloating, nausea, numbness and muscle pains. However, these side effects are short-lived and are not serious, reports Wellness Today.