What Is the Cycle of a Peahen Egg?


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According to Abundance Farms, peahens start laying eggs at around 2 years of age. They only lay eggs during the warmer months of May through September. Roy's Peafowl Farm reports that fertile eggs are laid seven to ten days after mating, but mating is not necessary for the peahen to lay eggs. Fertilized eggs hatch 28 to 30 days after laying.

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Abundance Farms says that if the eggs are collected, a peahen continues to lay eggs, up to 30 eggs per season. Peahens can lay eggs as often as every other day. If the eggs aren't collected, the peahen only lays five to seven eggs and then incubates the fertile ones until they hatch; peahens attempt to hatch unfertilized eggs as well. Lewis Wright, quoted in an About Peafowl article, says that the peahen cares for her chicks for at least six months before they disperse to live on their own.

Linda Pesek, DVM, writing for Winged Wisdom, says that it takes about 25 hours for most eggs to fully develop inside the female bird. The egg slowly moves down the oviduct, forming the yolk first, then the egg white, and then finally the shell. If the female has mated, fertilization occurs very high in the oviduct shortly after the yolk begins to form.

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