What Are the Best Cuts of Beef for Roasts?


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Four good cuts for beef roasts include rib roasts, short loin, sirloin and round cuts. These cuts come from less muscular parts of the cow, making them more tender than other roast cuts.

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What Are the Best Cuts of Beef for Roasts?
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Rib roasts are available in two cuts, including the loin end or prime rib, butchered from the back of the cow, near its loins. The larger end of the rib roast comes from a forward section of the cow, near its head. Both cuts feature fat marbling for natural moisture and are among the most expensive beef cuts.

The short loin roast is tender and juicy with a less beefy and milder flavor than other beef roasts. Sirloin roasts are either center cut or top butt roasts with a mild beef flavor. Round roasts are either bottom or top round, with bottom round being the least expensive option.

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