What Are Some Cute Snack Ideas for Kids?

What Are Some Cute Snack Ideas for Kids?

Two cute snacks for kids include ants on a log and butterfly quesadillas. Make the classic ants on a log by spreading peanut butter inside celery sticks, and then arranging raisins on top of the peanut butter so that they look like ants. To make butterfly quesadillas, melt cheese between a folded tortilla and cut it in half, and then arrange the two pieces on either side of a skewer of grapes so that the final product resembles a butterfly.

Many cute kids’ snacks resemble animals. For example, by putting peanut butter between banana slices and sticking pretzels in between the slices, you can easily form the body and legs of a caterpillar.

Make open-face s’mores into teddy bears by strategically arranging the marshmallows and chocolate into bear faces. Transform toast into a teddy bear face with the addition of banana slices for the snout and ears, and raisins for the eyes and nose.

An alternative to ants on a log is fish in a river, which swaps cream cheese for the peanut butter and goldfish crackers for the raisins.

To make any snack into a cute butterfly, use a clothespin as the butterfly's body. Separate a snack-sized zip-close bag filled with edible goodies into two compartments, which then become the butterfly's wings.