What Are Some Cute Ideas for Wine Tote Bags?

What Are Some Cute Ideas for Wine Tote Bags?

Cute ideas for wine totes include ones that include picnic supplies or that look like purses or fictional characters. Adding a clever phrase can make a wine tote cute, as can personalizing it with stencils or fabric.

Many wine totes come as picnic bags. They often include a cheese cutting board, plates, wine glasses and napkins in addition to space for one or two wine bottles. These wine totes usually come with corkscrews and other wine-related implements.

Some companies design wine totes to look like something else. For example, Picnic at Ascot sells a wine tote with a plaid pattern and a handle reminiscent of a purse. Wine Vine Imports sells a velour wine tote that looks like Santa Claus' pants; the wine bottles fit in each leg. The company also sells a single elf boot bottle bag.

"Love the wine you're with" and "A meal without wine is called breakfast" are two examples of cute phrases that manufacturers print on the front of wine totes. Etsy.com also features a cute wine tote with an emergency box on the front; inside the box is a bottle of wine and a wine glass.

It's also possible to personalize a tote at home with fabric paint, fabric blocks and stencils. Customize a plain tote with an ombre effect or stencils to create hearts, wine glasses or other designs.