How Do You Cut a Tomato?

How Do You Cut a Tomato?

To cut a tomato, slice it and cut the slices into strips. Finalize by cutting the strips into cubes. You need a cutting board, a sharp knife and clean water. This takes five minutes or less.

  1. Wash the tomato

    Wash your tomato and remove any stickers. Set your tomato on the cutting board.

  2. Make slices

    Start by cutting off the scar. Using a sharp knife makes your work easier and ensures fine slices and minimal loss of juice. Be careful to remove as little tomato flesh as possible while cutting the scar. Cut your tomato into slices of equal thickness. Make the cuts close together if you want a small dice and further apart for larger slices.

  3. Make the strips

    Arrange the slices into a stack on top of each other and cut them into strips. For better results, make the strips of equal thickness and be careful not to squash them as you cut.

  4. Make the cubes

    Turn your knife 90 degrees to the strips, and cut them into cubes at equal intervals. The resulting cubes are of same size, and the tomato juice that drops onto the cutting board is very little because of the small amount of contact.