How Do You Cut a Pineapple?

To cut a pineapple, first remove the spiky top by cutting it straight off. Next, use a knife to trim the rind off on the sides of the fruit. Remove the spiny eyes that sometimes remain after the rind has been cut off.

Remove the top of the pineapple by making one straight cut. Remove the bottom of the pineapple in the same manner, so that the two ends of the pineapple are flat surfaces and it is possible to stand the fruit up on one end. Cut the rind of the fruit off in strips, cutting from top to bottom. Try to cut as close as possible to the rind to avoid losing too much of the edible flesh.

Pineapples have eyes that appear as spiny spots that are set slightly deeper into the flesh than the rest of the rind. These eyes may still be present after the rind is removed, especially if the cuts were very shallow. In this case, cut out the eyes by following a spiral pattern down the length of the fruit. If you are pressed for time, remove the eyes by making deeper cuts while removing the rind.

Once the rind and the eyes have been removed, cut the pineapple into rounds. Remove the core if desired by making a circular cut in the center of each round and punching out the core.