How Do You Cut Cornice?


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According to Genuineguidegear.com, there are three ways to cut a cornice: kicking it out with skis, cutting it with a bone saw and cutting it with a knotted cord. They suggest that a person tie himself down to a snow anchor before using any of those techniques to mitigate the risk of causing an avalanche and/or inflicting serious injury.

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Genuineguidegear.com supports experts who advise amateurs to practice cutting cornices on smaller mountain slopes. Cutting cornices on smaller slopes is considered less risky than trying it for the first time on a large slope, which can result in serious personal injury or death. The website claims that cutting cornices is a useful tool when backpacking across large mountainscapes. This helps backpackers evaluate the stability of a slope before walking onto it, though cutting a cornice should not be used as the sole means of evaluating a slope's stability. A backpacker should bear in mind a number of variables when considering cutting a cornice, including the following: how far back a cornice breaks once it is cut, the likelihood that people might be caught in an avalanche if one cut a cornice, and the likelihood that the person cutting the cornice might fall along with it.

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