How Do You Cut an Avocado?


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To cut an avocado, slice the avocado lengthwise through the skin and the flesh around the avocado’s pit using a knife, twist the avocado’s sides to separate it into two pieces, and then slide a spoon into the center to remove the pit. Use the knife to make crisscross cuts in the flesh of the avocado, and then remove the flesh with a spoon. This produces cube-style slices used for guacamole and other recipes, notes Betty Crocker.

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How Do You Cut an Avocado?
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A similar method to cut an avocado from Cooking Light involves using an 8- to 10-inch chef’s knife to slice and dice the avocado. Insert the knife into the dark area on the top of the avocado where the stem was once located. Gently press down with the knife until you feel the pit. Keep the knife steady, and rotate the avocado to allow the knife to travel around the pit and cut the entire fruit.

Remove the knife, and then gently and slowly twist the avocado’s sides, separating the fruit into two halves. Strike the pit, piercing it with the blade and twisting it to adhere it to the knife. Remove the knife; the pit should be stuck to it. Use the knife to pierce the flesh in vertical and horizontal rows, but do not cut through the fruit’s skin. Use a spoon to gently remove the flesh. Squeeze lemon juice over the flesh to prevent it from browning.

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