How Do You Cure Salmon Eggs?

How Do You Cure Salmon Eggs?

For a simple cure recipe used to produce bait, cut the egg skeins into quarter-sized pieces. In a large bowl, prepare a mixture with equal parts of sugar, borax, and salt. Roll the pieces of skein in the mixture to coat them, and place the pieces in plastic bags. The cured eggs can be refrigerated for up to a month or stored in a freezer for up to a year.

There are numerous methods of curing salmon eggs. Your preferred method will depend on whether you intend to use the eggs for fishing or as caviar.

For another recipe used to produce salmon eggs into caviar, dissolve 1 cup of salt in a large bowl of lukewarm water. Rinse the skein of salmon eggs under cool running water, and place it in the brine mixture for 30 minutes. Remove the skein and place in a strainer or colander to rinse with cool water. Next, remove the membrane surrounding the eggs, and use your fingers to pick the membranes from any smaller clusters of eggs inside. Rinse thoroughly to wash away any remaining membranes.

Return the rinsed eggs to the brine mixture, and watch as the color of the eggs changes from cloudy to clear. Finally, strain the eggs and store them in a clean glass jar. The eggs should hold for 7-14 days if refrigerated.

For best results, salmon eggs should be cured as fresh as possible. Ideally, cure eggs from fish caught within 24 hours. Proper storage is equally important – salmon eggs should be kept refrigerated after being purchased or removed from the fish. Any blood in your salmon eggs can ruin the batch within an hour if not stored or removed properly. Remove any blood using fresh water to gently rinse the eggs.