How Do You Cure Olives at Home?


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Olives can either be cured in brine or cured in water. Regardless of which method you use, you need to store the olives in brine after they have been cured.

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How Do You Cure Olives at Home?
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Curing olives in brine is the simplest method. The brine is a mix of pickling salt and water. To cure olives in brine, place them in a glass jar, and then add the brine to the jar to remove the bitter taste from the olives. After the olives have been left for a week, the brine is changed to a stronger mix and the olives can then be stored. After two months they are ready to eat.

It is quicker to cure olives in water, but it requires more work. Leave the olives in a bath of water, and change the water every day. This process removes the bitter taste from the olives. After a week, the olives can then be transferred to a glass container, covered with brine and stored.

With both methods, it's important to allow the solution to get right into the middle of the olive to create an even taste. To ensure this happens, make a cut through the skin of the olive to let the mixture soak in. The longer an olive is cured, the less bitter it tastes.

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