What Are Some Cupcake Tower Design Ideas?

What Are Some Cupcake Tower Design Ideas?

Some cupcake tower design ideas include a wedding cupcake tower, the shabby chic wedding cupcake tower, the bunting cupcake tower, longevity cupcake tower and Rapunzel cupcake tower. Introducing traditional or modern themes brings new life to cupcake towers.

The wedding cupcake tower includes decorative flourishes such as fondant bows atop the cupcakes and lace-pattern wrappers. The four-level tour is topped with a large cupcake.

The shabby chic wedding tower features delicate roses and other flowers on the icing. Lace ribbon accentuates each level and a small, round cake is placed at the upper tier and crowned with a bride and groom figurine.

The bunting tower features a bunting theme included in the cupcake icing. Additionally, bunting is strung across the top to give a sports-themed effect. The cupcakes can be further decorated with lettering or team logos.

The longevity tower features a Chinese motif including Chinese symbols and moon cakes and lotus flowers. Color schemes such as red and gold add an authentic feel to the presentation while decorative flora can be added to create natural motifs.

The Rapunzel cupcake tower plays on the themes of the classic fairy tale. Figurines or likenesses of Rapunzel and Prince Charming are placed on the upper tier while colored icing and additional decorations create a fortress tower effect.