What Are Some Cupcake Decorating Ideas?

What Are Some Cupcake Decorating Ideas?

Some cupcake decorating ideas include using candies, cookies, fruit leather and crackers to make fun themes, such as sea creatures and insects. Make other novelty cupcakes by piping colorful icing to look like the sky, a monster or a sunflower.

Use three cupcakes to make a fish by placing the three frosted cupcakes in a row. Add colored M&M candies for scales, and use fruit leather for fins and the head. Pipe an eye and mouth with colored frosting.

To make a cute caterpillar on one frosted cupcake, overlap two rows of M&Ms, and use a mini vanilla wafer for a head. Pipe a face on the wafer with frosting, and cut leaves from fruit leather.

Create a cupcake depicting swimming fish by placing multicolored Goldfish crackers on top of a cupcake with blue frosting. A dot of frosting forms an eye for each fish, and white candy confetti makes cute air bubbles. Another way to use a blue-frosted cupcake is to make it look like a sky. Pipe on clouds with white frosting and birds with chocolate.

Make a crazy monster by piping on brightly colored icing in spikes with a small star tip. Use candies and shoestring liquorice to make the face. A star tip also makes bright-yellow sunflower petals around the edge of a cupcake, and chocolate chips become the seeds.