How Do You Crush Garlic?

How Do You Crush Garlic?

To crush garlic, flatten a single clove on a cutting board with a hard, flat object, remove the peel and finely chop the flattened clove. Use the sharp edge of a kitchen knife to mash the garlic into a paste-like consistency.

  1. Put one clove of garlic on a cutting board

    Place the clove so that the curved side is not facing down, as this might cause the garlic to slip when you crush it. There is no need to peel the garlic clove first because the peel comes off easily after it is crushed.

  2. Flatten the clove of garlic

    Place the flat side of a kitchen knife or the bottom of a soup can over the clove so that the knife or can is touching the garlic. Apply firm, steady pressure with the heel of your hand until the clove is flattened. Remove and discard the paper-like peel.

  3. Mince the garlic

    Sprinkle a pinch of coarse salt around the garlic. The salt catches the juices and aids in the final step of turning the garlic into a paste. Mince the flattened clove with a heavy kitchen knife.

  4. Crush the garlic into a paste

    Place the flat side of a kitchen knife against one side of the pile of minced garlic. Applying steady pressure, drag the sharp edge through the pile. Continue to reform the pile and repeat this step until the garlic is reduced to a paste.