How Does Crown Royal XR Red Compare to Regular Crown Royal?


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Crown Royal XR is an extra rare whiskey that has a lightly sweet palate with spicy notes of Canadian rye, while a regular type of Crown Royal, such as Crown Royal Deluxe, has a smooth and creamy palate with a hint of vanilla, notes CrownRoyal.com. The current Crown Royal XR as of 2015 consists of the last whiskey from the closed Lasalle distillery and has a blue bag. The original Crown Royal XR was made from the Waterloo distillery and had a red bag.

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Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whiskey that comes in several versions. As of 2015, current versions include Deluxe, Black, Reserve, XR, Regal Apple and Maple. Crown Royal Deluxe is the original brand and has a purple color scheme. Crown Royal XR is rarer and will only be available for a limited time.

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