How Do You Get Credit for a Missed Visit at Panera?

How Do You Get Credit for a Missed Visit at Panera?

To get credit for a missed visit at Panera, go to the Missed a Visit page on Enter the code on the bottom of your receipt, and click on Redeem Code.

Visit the home page, and place the cursor over My Panera. On the drop-down menu that appears, click on Missed a Visit under the My Account heading. You must log in to your account before you can enter a code. If the bottom of your receipt doesn't have a code on it, the visit was already credited to your account.

Receipt codes expire after 30 days. If you don't submit the receipt code within 30 days, contact the company's customer service to have the visit credited. Panera Bread limits customers to one missed visit code per day, two per week and four per month. If you are over the limit and want to receive credit for a visit, contact customer service.

MyPanera cards are available at participating Panera Bread locations. Once you have a card, you can register it through Your card must be registered to receive credit for visits to Panera Bread.

Reward information is available on the site's My Reward page. Rewards typically expire after 60 days. Panera Bread personalizes rewards based on the customer. Rewards can include complementary items, invitations to special events and recipe books.