What Are Some Creative Uses for Clear Plastic Containers?


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Depending on the size and shape, clear plastic containers may be used as greenhouses for starting seedlings or as cups for organizing pens or kitchen implements. They may also be used for organizing small items and for protecting items from water.

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Plastic containers with clear tops may be used as greenhouses to start seedlings. Small pots may be placed directly inside the container, or the bottom of the container may simply be filled with soil. In the latter case, small holes should be poked in the bottom of the container to allow excess water to drain out.

Round containers such as peanut butter jars may be used to organize pens, pencils, silverware or larger kitchen implements. If the jar is used to store large spatulas or stirring spoons, they should be put upside-down with the handles inside the jar.

Plastic containers with secure tops may be used to protect items from water damage when camping. Containers of all shapes and sizes are also useful for organizing desks by sorting small office materials, such as rubber bands, paperclips and staples, into separate containers.

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